Monday, February 11, 2013

A is for Awesome Art Projects

I enjoy doing art projects. I'm not great at them, but I really have fun with them. I've participated in several projects with The Art House in Brooklyn.

Last year, I did their self-portrait project. Hundreds of artists from all over the world sent in 4x4 self portraits. In August, all of them were displayed at the Brooklyn Art Library.

Last week, they sent out an email asking people to send in pictures of everyday objects that look like the letter A. It's amazing how much you can find when you start paying attention to your surroundings. I found both of these within a few blocks of my apartment.

In the end, I submitted this photo. This is in the lobby of the hotel I stayed at during a mini-vacation I took this week with friends, including Rebecca of midnightmaniac. I'll post more on that trip in a few days.

Do you do art projects? Where do you get inspiration from?

- Shelly

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