Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Shelly's Makeover

A few weeks ago I went on a tax-return fueled shopping spree. Part of it was revamping my makeup bag. I went into Benefit and had them suggest what I needed. About a month later, here's what I think of what I bought:

Fake-Up Under Eye Moisturizer/Concealer: LOVE. I wear this every. single. day. And will continue to for as long as they make it.

That Gal Face Primer/Brightener: I also like how this makes my skin look, but it caused me to break out a little. I think I will save it for special occasions and probably won't buy again.

Stay Don't Stray Eye Primer: Also love and will continue to buy.

They're Real Mascara: On the fence on this one. I like it about 40% of the time. The rest my lashed look a little clumpy. I doubt I will buy it again.

Flirt Alert Lipstick: Like the color and it lasts a decent amount of time. I'll probably buy it again.

Thanks to all the nice ladies at the Benefit store in Bucktown for helping me out. I will definitely be back.

What's in  your makeup bag that you can't live without?


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