Monday, January 21, 2013

Babe-raham Lincoln

In October, Shelly and I went to Springfield, Illinois. Capitol of the great state of Illinois, Springfield boasts many sites dedicated to our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln.

We limited our trip to two main stops: the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum and Oak Ridge Cemetery, where the President is buried. 

Shelly and I both agree, the museum was much creepier than the cemetery. So creepy, in fact, we thought we met an actual ghost from the 1860's. There was a room set up to look like the conference room where Lincoln and his cabinet were editing the Emancipation Proclamation. Out of nowhere a man dressed in period garb appeared. He pulled out his pocket watch and, with a perplexed look, asked if anyone had the time. No one spoke, and finally I looked at my phone and told him the time. He nodded, turned to leave the room, then asked if anyone had any questions. When no one said anything, he left. We tried to follow him into the next room, but he was nowhere to be found. We sort of expected him to be in one of the theater presentations, but it turned out the presentation was a video and not a live show. GHOST!

Shelly's Wearing: Dress//vintage; Tights// Hue; Sweater//ModCloth; Scarf//Urban Outfitters; Shoes//Golden Ponies

Regardless of how creepy the museum was, we LOVED our Lincoln day! Here, you can see that the feeling was mutual! As always, Shelly and I thrifted our way back to Chicago, scoring some great vintage blouses and some pyrex casserole dishes.

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