Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ugly Coat Weather

It's cold in Chicago. Super cold. Colder than it's been in about two years. It was 0o when I took my dog, Iggy, out this morning, with a windchill of -11o.

Yesterday, I heard a former co-worker call it "ugly coat weather", and that's exactly what it is. It's nearly impossible to look cute when it's this cold.

This is what Iggy and I looked like today on our morning walk. Even the dog has her ugly coat on.

Shelly's wearing: Coat//Jones New York, Scarf//New York City Street Vendor, Gloves//Target, Hat//Vintage

But, the worst part of "ugly coat weather" is all the cute clothes hidden underneath. You would never know it by the picture above, but I am actually wearing one of my favorite summer dresses made winter-appropriate with tights, legwarmers and a long sleeved T-shirt:

Shelly's wearing: Dress//ModCloth, Shirt//Express, Tights (2pairs)//
Target, Legwarmers//American Apparel, Shoes//Wanted

Once I had the idea for this post, I had Pari take a picture in her "ugly coat" and another showing off what she was wearing underneath:

Pari's wearing: Coat//LL Bean, Scarf// Sarong from Costa Rica
Dress and Cardigan//Forever 21, Tights//Target, Boots//ModCloth, Belt//vintage

Hope you're staying warm,

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